Monday, January 28, 2008

Glamour Forever Laptop Bag

I am thisclose to buying a macbook and I've been looking around for a cute, pink (of course!) laptop bag and this one fits the bill perfectly! Made by Fluff, it retails for $36.95 @ 8 Ball Webstore.


Did anybody notice last week on "American Idol" when Randy Jackson said something about how the south's gonna rise again? Umm...I don't know about you all but I found that kind of...umm...odd...

Music Video of the Day

"Self" - Fuzzbox

Sunday, January 20, 2008 Morgana Femme Couture Valentine's Day MySpace Theme

Check out the MySpace theme I designed for! Visit's blog to get the code for your MySpace page.


I just came back from seeing Cloverfield and I loved it!!! But I knew I would. It's produced by J.J. Abrams, the genius behind some of my all time favorite tv shows like Lost, Alias, and Felicity. Awesome, awesome movie. Go see it!!!!!!!!!!!

J.J. Abrams on Cloverfield:

Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Star Machine

If you're as obsessed about old Hollywood as I am, then I recommend reading The Star Machine by Jeanine Basinger. I'm reading it right now and I'm finding it wonderfully fascinating. The Star Machine offers a glimpse into what movie studios did to break up-and-coming stars. It didn't always work though and the author provides examples of both successful and non-successful results.

$35.00 (on sale right now for $23.10!!) @

Music Video of the Day

"Like We Never Loved At All" - Faith Hill

Kitty Wigs!

Yes, this is really a wig for your cat!!!!!!! You know, I don't think my cat, Peanut, would be very happy if I put one of these on her head, but omg would I love to have a snapshot of her wearing one of these! There are 4 different styles currently available: Pink Passion, Bashful Blonde, Silver Fox, and Electric Blue.

From the site:

"Each Kitty Wig™ comes in an attractive round metal wig case with our fresh new logo on it. Your wig will arrive on a wig form and covered in a hair net to help keep its shape and luster.

The package also includes complete instructions for care, suggestions from professional photographers, and a mouse with rattle to help you direct Kitty's stunned gaze. Every kitty loves the promise of a new toy for model behavior."

The wigs sell for $50 (shipping included for US customers!). 20% of Kitty Wigs profits are donated quarterly to the ASPCA. Yay!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Music Video of the Day

"No Sleep Tonight" - The Faders

(Such a great band!!! Too bad they broke up after only one record.)

Frances Spears

I am not ashamed to admit that I have been following the Britney Spears meltdown, just like everyone else on this planet. One thing that really bugs me with the Britney commentary are the comparisons to Marilyn Monroe. I am a huge fan of Marilyn (I used to like Britney too. Actually I really like her new record...) and I just don't see similarities between the two, except for the fact that they're both blondes and both allegedly were/are pill poppers. Marilyn had a whole different set of psychological issues. The Anna Nicole comparisons I can sort of understand, because she does have a svengali Howard K. Stern type in her life (hello Osama Bin Lutfi!), but was Anna Nicole mentally unstable like Britney? I never got that impression from her. She seemed way too high all the time to even show signs of schizophrenia or whatever.

So the one person that keeps popping up in my head everytime I see all the Britney drama on tv (especially the whole hospital thing a couple days ago) is the late actress Frances Farmer. And apparently, I'm not the only one! I found this really interesting article from The Canadian Press that briefly compares the two:

Some observers have drawn parallels between Spears and Hollywood actress Frances Farmer.

Farmer was a beautiful but rebellious and outspoken actress of the late 1930s and early '40s who clashed with both her mother and Paramount Studios, resisting their attempts to dictate to her how she should conduct her private life. She was also a heavy drinker who was said to be unconcerned about her physical appearance, spurning the latest fashions despite pleas from Paramount.

By the mid-1940s, with her career in a shambles and in trouble with the law for driving offences and assault charges, Farmer's family, unable to cope with her behaviour, had her involuntarily institutionalized. She was treated with electro-shock therapy, although allegations she was lobotomized - something portrayed in the 1982 film "Frances" - were vehemently denied by the hospital that treated her. Farmer died in anonymity in 1970 at age 56.

I hope Britney gets the right kind of help, and soon. Very soon.

Rainbow Fantasy Radio

I just updated my radio station playlist! Tune in at:

If you like what you hear, add my station as a friend on MySpace!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Music Video of the Day

"Did You Have To Love Me Like You Did?" - The Coconuts

Rainbow Necklace

It was so hard to choose just one item from One Good Bumblebee to spotlight on my blog cause everything is so gosh darn cute (I will probably spotlight more from them in the future!) so I chose the one that I like the most. It's a rainbow necklace, of course! And best of all, it's only $10.00. I am placing my order today!