Sunday, May 11, 2008

Music Video of the Day

"All I Need" - Air

(Wow. I can't believe this video is already 10 years old! I wonder what ever happened to this couple?)

Foxy Lulu Hard Candy Collection

Foxy Lulu makes some of the prettiest jewelry around! I am especially fond of the Hard Candy Collection, which is being sold exclusively at Glam Candy. Necklaces are $55.00 and earrings are $28.00. What are you waiting for?

The Ghastly Ones Tiki Mug

This has got to be one of THE coolest tiki mugs I've ever seen! And it's only $15.00!!! You can purchase it here. Not only do they have cool merch, but the band itself is pretty awesome too. Check out The Ghastly Ones on MySpace to hear some of their spookyriffic tunes!

Loungefly White Ice Cream Cone Hoodie

I love anything involving ice cream cones, so of course I love this! If you can't eat 'em, wear 'em!

$55.00 @ Loungefly

Friday, May 02, 2008

Carly loves Brooke (and so do I!)

I absolutely loved Brooke White on American Idol, from the first time they showed during auditions to her very last performance. Sure, she let her nerves get the best of her at times (especially these last couple of weeks), and yeah, she wasn't the BEST singer on the show, but she always seemed so genuine and heartfelt and vulnerable whenever she performed, which to me is way more important than being able to sing five octaves. Apparently, Carly Simon thought so too, because she called in to Fox & Friends yesterday during Brooke's interview to give MAJOR props to Brooke. It was so touching and sweet!!!

I hope Brooke goes on to have a long and lasting and very successful career. Good luck, Brooke!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Music Video of the Day

"Crying" - Roy Orbison & k.d. lang

Hello Kitty Cat Costume

My cat would probably KILL me if I ever attempted to put a costume on her (and rightly so), but omg this is hilarious and way too cute. A costume for a cat to look like...a cat! Genius!! Hahahaha!!

For more pictures of cats who agreed to wear the costume (and a couple of dogs too!?!), click here. And to purchase one for only 18,900 yen, click here.