Sunday, February 21, 2010

Music Video of the Day

"I Say Nothing" - Voice of the Beehive

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Pinup Couture & Dixiefried MySpace Theme

Check out the MySpace theme I designed for! Visit's blog to get the code for your MySpace page.


Lisa Lisa (from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)

Paula Abdul

Lisa Lisa

Paula Abdul

Lisa Lisa

Paula Abdul

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Music Video of the Day

"Don't Answer Me" - The Alan Parsons Project

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Together Time
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My American Idol Favorites from Hollywood Week So Far...

I would buy both of these covers in a heartbeat!

Andrew Garcia performing Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"

Lilly Scott performing Ella Fitzgerald's "Lullaby of Birdland"icon

Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce

I usually shun any remakes, especially if it's a classic old Hollywood movie being remade (Hello The Women! Ugh...) but this has caught my attention because I love Kate Winslet and I think she's got the acting chops to pull this off in a great way. Plus I read the book ages ago and enjoyed it immensely. AND this remake will be 5 hours long! So I'm very intrigued to see this!


HBO has picked up a miniseries adaptation of "Mildred Pierce" that will star Oscar winner Kate Winslet in the lead role.

The five-hour miniseries, which Todd Haynes ("I'm Not There," "Far From Heaven") co-wrote and will direct, is scheduled to begin filming in New York in the spring, HBO confirms to Zap2it. Winslet will play the title role, a Depression-era housewife who separates from her husband to try to provide for her two daughters -- including one contemptuous of her mother having to work for a living.

Rumors of the project have been circulating for several weeks, and HBO sealed a deal with MGM, John Wells Productions and Killer Films to co-produce the project.

James M Cain's 1941 novel was previously adapted into a 1945 film that earned Joan Crawford a best actress Oscar. The movie was also nominated for best picture.

The miniseries will be Winslet's first role on American television (she appeared in a handful of British shows at the start of her career). Haynes and Jon Raymond ("Wendy and Lucy") collaborated on the script.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Real-Life Lichtenstein Girl!

This is a link to a blog post from October of last year, but I just saw it today and thought it was really creative. It's about a makeup artist who recreated the look of a Lichtenstein girl! I wish there were more photos of the girl from the front but you get the idea. Pretty cool idea for a halloween costume!

CHARMED: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Juicy Couture Rainbow Jewelry

I'm not really a Juicy Couture girl, but I can't resist their rainbow jewelry!!

Juicy Couture - Heart w/ Rainbow Stud Earrings (Gold) - Jewelry
Heart w/ Rainbow Stud Earrings (Gold) - $42.00 @

Juicy Couture - Rainbow Wish Necklace (Gold) - Jewelry
Rainbow Wish Necklace (Gold) - $48.00 @

Juicy Couture - Rainbow Wish Bracelet (Gold) - Jewelry
Rainbow Wish Bracelet (Gold) - $42.00 @

Juicy Couture - Rainbow Charm Gold (Gold) - Jewelry
Rainbow Charm Gold (Gold) - $48.00 @

Juicy Couture - Rainbow Stud Earrings (Gold) - Jewelry
Rainbow Stud Earrings (Gold) - $42.00 @

Rainbow Key Fob - $48.00 @ Juicy Couture

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

I have a deep love for heart-shaped sunglasses and looked forever trying to find a pair. Finally, I tracked an inexpensive pair down in a catalog. They were ok, but not necessarily what I was looking for. But since they were heart-shaped, I had to grab them up. And they were only like $5! Ah, but if only I had a little more patience because now you can find them all over the web! I've culled together some of the better looking pairs for you below!

Sweet Heart Sunglasses (in Red, Pink, Black, White or Purple) - $10.00 @ Urban Outfitters

Sweetheart Sunnies (in Red, Pink, White, or Black) - $11.00 @ Fred Flare

Heart Sunglasses - $98.00 @ Juicy Couture

Love You Heart Sunglasses - $98.00 @ Juicy Couture

Sunshine Heart Sunglasses - $5.00 @ LA Vintage UPDATE: Sold Out! :(

Sunshine Heart Sunglasses - $5.00 @ LA Vintage UPDATE: Sold Out! :(

Stunna Shades - $8.00 @ Etsy

The Schubert Sunglasses - $202.00 $90.00 @ Karmaloop
icon (I REALLY want these!)

ASOS Love Hearts Metal Sunglasses - $20.40 @ ASOS

Full Tilt Lolita Zebra Heart Sunglasses - $12.00 @

Love Me Red Studded Heart-Shaped Glasses - $12.99 @ Hot Topic

White Studded Heart Sunglasses - $12.99 @ Hot Topic

Black Studded Heart Sunglasses - $12.99 @ Hot Topic

Clear Heart Sunglasses - $7.50 @ Wet Seal

Heart Shaped Sunglasses with Red Frames - £8.00 @ CX London Boutique

Heart-Shaped Mirror Sunglasses (in Magenta, Blue or Lime) - $9.80 @ Bleu Dame

Rainbow Heart Shape Sunglasses - $12.00 @

Clear Heart Sunglasses (in Pink, Olive, Purple, Blue or Red) - $9.99 @ House of Sunglasses

Heart Sunglasses (in Olive, Brown, Black, Red, White, Purple or Pink) - $9.99 @ House of Sunglasses

Heart Sunglasses II (in White, Orange, Tan, Black, Purple or Red) - $9.99 @ House of Sunglasses