Friday, September 29, 2006

Dolce Mia Designs Pin-up Girls Clock

This Pin-up Girls Clock is actually something I already own, but I am crazy about all the products from Dolce Mia Designs and wanted to share! I am sure I will be spotlighting some of their other fine products, such as frames and albums, in the future. The Pin-up Girls Clock comes in either a round shape ($52.00 USD) or a square shape ($48.00 USD).

There is a similar design featuring Pin-up Girls and Playing Cards with similar pricing. Trust me, it was hard to choose between which one I wanted more - I love 'em both so much!

The Busby Berkeley DVD Collection

This incredible collection of Busby Berkeley movies retails for $47.99 USD at The six dvds are remastered and include Footlight Parade, Gold Diggers of 1933, Dames, Gold Diggers of 1935, and 42nd Street. The 6th dvd is called the Busby Berkeley Disc, and is mostly made up of Busby Berkeley-directed musical sequences from nine of his movies.

Veronique Hat by Coquette Faux Furriers

I think this is one of the cutest hats I've ever seen! This beret comes in either a zebra or leopard print and is $110 USD. It's made by this great company called Coquette Faux Furriers, who create handcrafted cruelty-free glamour accessories, cause baby, fur ain't good unless it's faux!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lipstick Travel Flask

Check out the stainless steel Lipstick Vacuum Flask (aka thermos) from Bodum. It retails for $29.95 USD.

XM Radio Pink Pioneer inno

I love to listen to XM Radio for a variety of reasons, number one being channel 202 (home of Opie and Anthony), so of course I'm down with this cute as hell pink inno. Not only is it adorable, but $30 from each inno sold and activated go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. You can purchase one from Circuit City or directly from XM Radio. The inno is $349.99 USD.


I know it's just an ice cube tray, but I think the idea is clever! Why didn't anyone think of this earlier? Now you can have ice that looks like the expensive kind of 'ice'!!! Mix in a little food coloring to make rubies, emeralds, etc.! It's $7.99 USD at Perpetual Kid.

SpeckTone iPod Retro Speaker System

This stylish retro speaker system / dock for your ipod retails for $149.95 USD and comes in three different colors (black, white, green). It's compatible with all the docking ipods. From the folks at Speck Products.

Revamp Productions

CanCan Moiselle ($110.00 USD)

Hootenanny Hellcat- Coupe ($330.00 USD)

Singapore Sling ($250.00 USD)

These purses are the ultimate! You can have your Louis Vuitton, your Chanel, your Prada. I'll take one of the purses made by Revamp Productions ANY day over one of those. I'll take The Fury with a clutch ($390.00 USD) and the matching shoes ($175.00 USD), please!

The Disneyland Hotel!

One of my favorite places on this whole planet is Disneyland. I am, in fact, such a fan of the park and its creator, Walt Disney, that I probably border on fanatic! Everything about the park intrigues me, from the rides to the hotels to the history of how it all came to be. Finally, there is a book about the early history of the Disneyland Hotel. It's called Disneyland Hotel: The Early Years 1954-1988 by Donald W. Ballard. The book is incredible! For a full run-down on everything that's discussed in the book, visit There's a lot of great stuff on the website too, including scans that you won't find in the book, such as rare brochures and pictures of the hotel. If you are totally diggin' the rare pics, you can even purchase them as 5x7 or 8x10 prints.

The book retails for $47.50 USD.