Thursday, December 31, 2009

DJ Steve Porter - 2009: That Really Happened!?! (The Year 2009 in Auto Tune)

I totally get an EBN vibe (minus any political agenda) from DJ Steve Porter's remix videos on YouTube. If you don't know, he's the man behind the hypnotically catchy Slap Chop Remix video.

Here's his latest one to send off 2009!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Betsey Johnson Evening Chicago Slip Dress

I think this is appropriately named because it is reminiscent of something one of the characters in the movie Chicago might have worn.

$398.00 @ Betsey Johnson

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Streamline Toadstool Table & Chairs Set

This is the cutest tea party table & chair set I've ever seen. I can't believe there are companies nowadays that make such fun kids furniture. Where were they all when I was a kid? Oh well.

By Streamline. $500.00 @ Karma Kiss

Domestic & Olivier Peyricot and Sylvie Chanchus' Star Mirrors

So pretty.

Package contains 43 Self-Adhesive stars. $96.00 @ A+R


Yoostar looks like so much fun! Bummer that's it's only PC-compatible.

$139.99 @

Chubby Bunny for Hello Kitty Bow Headband

I was just thinking how neat it would be to have a headband with a big Hello Kitty-style bow on it and tada! My wish has been answered!

$30.00 @ Sanrio

Monday, December 07, 2009

Architectura Modern Cat Condo

I wish I could afford to buy this for my cat for Christmas. I think she would thoroughly enjoy this stylish cat condo! It comes in three different sizes and two colors (natural and orange). Prices range from $385.00 to $935.00.

Architectura Modern Cat Condo @ MyCatsHeaven

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peaches ‘n Cream™ Barbie® Doll

I really like that Mattel has started to do vintage repros of Barbies from the 1970s & 1980s. Not that I don't love the repros from the 60s, but it's so cool (and kind of bizarre!) to see the Barbies that I remember from my childhood back on the shelves again. 1985's Peaches ‘n Cream™ Barbie® is the latest 80s vintage repro. From the looks of this picture, Mattel did a really good job of faithfully reproducing her. The bodice of her dress looks exactly like how I remember.

$44.95 @

Free Shipping Day

Black Friday...Cyber Monday...well now there is Free Shipping Day! Free Shipping Day is happening this year on Thursday, December 17th, so procrastinators - mark your calendars! Retailers who participate in this one-day-only event promise free shipping for purchases made on December 17th with guaranteed delivery by December 24th. Big box retailers such as Macy's and Kmart as well as smaller retailers like Benefit Cosmetics and The Body Shop have signed up, along with a bunch of other well-known merchants. In fact, 363 and counting have signed up so far!

Visit to see the whole list and learn more about it!

Music Video of the Day

"Time (Clock of the Heart)" - Culture Club

Get the mp3 @
Get the mp3 @ iTunesicon
Get the music video @ iTunesicon

Saturday, November 28, 2009

House of Fluff Tees!

Fluff has just released a new line of t-shirts entitled House of Fluff Tees and to celebrate their debut, they will be priced at $28.00 each for a limited time. They will normally retail for $38.00, so now is a great time to grab one or two for Christmas gifts or for yourself!

Here are a couple of super-cute tees. See the rest of the equally-as-super-cute tees here!

"Sweety Spaniel" House of Fluff Tee - $38.00 $28.00

"Hell Kitty" House of Fluff Tee - $38.00 $28.00

"Mr. Pinky" House of Fluff Tee - $38.00 $28.00

"Molly Mermaid" House of Fluff Tee - $38.00 $28.00

"Kimono Cat" House of Fluff Tee - $38.00 $28.00

"Hula Exotica" House of Fluff Tee - $38.00 $28.00

Mary Green Sleep Masks

These sleep masks by Mary Green look so luxurious and comfy and glam. And there are so many styles to choose from! They range in price from $13.25 - $33.00. I've put some of my favorites down below but you can check out the whole line here!

"Wake me when we land" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Santa" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Dreaming of Paris" Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Eye Candy" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Cat Burglar" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $20.00

"Breakfast At Tiffany's" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $33.00

(Audrey Hepburn wore one just like it in Breakfast At

The OS Calculator

Mint Pass has developed a set of real 3D calculators based on the calculators you use on macs & pcs. I love this idea! I hope it someday comes to fruition!

Learn more here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

New L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers Collection for Apple

Great news for L.A.M.B. / Harajuku Lovers and Apple fans!


L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers are expanding with a new collection of accessories designed for Apple products. The collection includes everythingfrom iPhone clutches to computer bags and is available online now. In the upcoming weeks, look for the new L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers collection for Apple at Macy's and Bloomingdale's.

L.A.M.B. 13" Signature Coated Canvas Sleeve - $99.95 @

Harajuku Lovers 13" Sleeve with Handles - Super Hot Heroes print - $49.95 @

This is just an inkling of what's being offered. To see the whole product line, click here!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Music Video of the Day

"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga

Get the mp3 @
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Benefit Cosmetics Celebutante Makeup Kit

The perfect makeup kit for creating that "Hollywood" ultra-glam look! Included are pint-size versions of some Benefit classics:

- high beam luminescent complexion enhancer
- benetint, rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
- dallas, the outdoor glow for the indoor gal face powder
- lip gloss in I'm with the band
- full-finish lipstick in lady's choice
- full-finish lipstick in no competition
- velvet eyeshadow in leggy
- velvet eyeshadow in dandy brandy
- fluff shadow/talent brush
- step-by-step lesson

$34.00 @ Benefit Cosmetics

FREE US shipping with purchase of celebutante - Enter CELEBKIT at checkout. Expires 11/17/09

Monday, November 09, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Go Mya!

Mya killed it tonight on Dancing With The Stars with her quickstep & 70s Samba! I also really loved Derek Hough's choreography for the futuristic Paso Doble. The dance is probably the most creative one I've seen on the show so far. I'm not so fond of his partner, Joanna Krupa, though. I think she's quite overrated, although she did ok in this performance.

Glee Club Font by Fontalicious

In honor of Glee returning with a new episode this Wednesday, I present you with a cute-as-cute-can-be dingbat by Fontalicious that is fittingly named "Glee Club"!

$19.95 @ Font Bros

Tripp Tutu Skirts @ Hot Topic

Not only are these tutu skirts by Tripp NYC totally cute and fun and flirty, but they also won't break the bank!

Tripp Black And White Tulle Tutu Skirt

Tripp Black And White Tulle Tutu Skirt - $34.00 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Red Plaid Tutu Skirt

Tripp Red Plaid Tutu Skirt - $16.98 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Black Ruffle Skull Tutu Skirt

Tripp Black Ruffle Skull Tutu Skirt - $34.00 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Magenta Asian Brocade Tutu

Tripp Magenta Asian Brocade Tutu (my favorite!) - $34.00 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Hot Pink Striped Tutu Skirt

Tripp Hot Pink Striped Tutu Skirt - $17.98 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Black And Pink Leopard Rosette Tutu

Tripp Black And Pink Leopard Rosette Tutu - $16.98 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Red Heart Tutu Skirt

Tripp Red Heart Tutu Skirt - $16.98 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Burgundy And Black Plaid Ruffle Skirt

Tripp Burgundy And Black Plaid Ruffle Skirt - $36.00 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Black And Red Stripe Ruffle Skirt

Tripp Black And Red Stripe Ruffle Skirt - $36.00 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Card Suit Layered Skirt

Tripp Card Suit Layered Skirt - $36.00 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Red And Black Plaid Tulle Skirt

Tripp Red And Black Plaid Tulle Skirt - $36.00 @ Hot Topic

Tripp Burgundy And Black Lace-Up Ruffle Skirt

Tripp Burgundy And Black Lace-Up Ruffle Skirt - $36.00 @ Hot Topic