Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Video of the Day

"All The Lovers" - Kylie Minogue

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Retro Disneyland Inspired Tees

I am so happy Disneyland is going to release t-shirts with vintage attraction art. I have been hoping for this!! I definitely need get my hands on some of these when the line starts rolling out in park stores come fall.

Read the full article here!

Vintage T-Shirts Book

I have a thing for t-shirts (it's pretty obvious since I sure post a lot of them on this blog!) so I need to get this Taschen Vintage T-Shirts book by Patrick & Marc Guetta with Alison A. Nieder. Over 650 vintage t-shirts are featured! Plus I love Taschen books. They make some of the most visually interesting books on this planet!

$28.79 @

French Toast T-Shirt

How can you not love mustachioed french toast?

French Toast T-Shirt in White - $25.00 @ The Tiny Fig

French Toast T-Shirt in Army - $25.00 @ The Tiny Fig