Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sweet Valley Confidential - It's on its way!!!

I first read in BUST Magazine a few years ago about a sequel to Sweet Valley High that was in the works by the one and only Francine Pascal. It was supposed to come out in 2006-ish (I think?) under its original name, Sweet Valley Heights. But it never did, and I was left wondering about what happened to it ever since. Welllllll, I stumbled across this article from The New York Post today and it's still on its way!

From: The New York Post



April 8, 2008

SWEET! Everyone's favorite valley girls - gorgeous, blond twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield - are back in action. And back in the bookstore.

Francine Pascal's "Sweet Valley High" relaunches today with "Double Love" and "Secrets" - the same titles as the original series, which debuted in 1983. The first two books of the 12-part series hit stores today. Pascal, 69, created the characters - Elizabeth, Jessica, Enid, Bruce, Lila, Winston and Todd - based on her fantasy of what the perfect California high school would be like. At the time, the New York native had never even been to California.

These days, the twins are a little different than their '80s personas - like, totally different.

Now, Jessica says things like: "Then why do you keep looking at me like you're a fat chick and I'm a fat plate of evil carbs?"; Elizabeth has changed her news medium from newspapers to a Web site and blog; and there are countless references throughout the books to BlackBerrys, Coldplay, Maxim magazine and even Prince William.

"The updates don't bother me because the stories are still the same. I felt very taken with the ideals: love, friendship, loyalty and compassion, all the most classic values," says Pascal at her Midtown apartment. "I believe that's the time [high school] when they mean the most, and I knew that any high school kid would identify with that. It's also very dramatic, still, because the things that happen to you are life and death."

Pascal says fans will have lots more to look forward to - she's currently writing "Sweet Valley Confidential," a novel that follows up with the twins and their friends at 26 years old. She's also planning "Sweet Valley High: The Musical," which she hopes to open in LA this fall.

"I can tell you that what you thought was going to happen to those people doesn't happen. Different things happen," she says mysteriously, flicking her shiny blond hair over her shoulder.

"Ten years, from 16 to adulthood, has made very different people. And I'm having kind of a good time writing it, doing what I want to do with these people. But my stars are still the twins."

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Thanks very much for letting me know this I have read that the Sweet Valley Confidential was coming in Wiki but I never knew when, in months ago, I have been reading websites that said it will come out in spring 2008 but it never did. I was so upset because I am addicted to the other Sweet Valleys SVK, SVT, SVJH, SVH, SVS, SVU and Elizabeth. Moreover, I really wanted to know how the twins live without themselves since Elizabeth moved from Sweet Valley and Jessica is still there.
In addition I happen to live in London and want to know more about Elizabeth life and as well as Jessica.
Oh boy do I ever stop reading these books I can't sleep or stay reading one of them every single day even I keep repeating them.
I Love You Francine but I am worried about one thing will Francine make Elizabeth and Todd end up together I don't care about Jessica whoever she ends up with.
Bye se ya!