Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am SOOOOOO excited to see the pilot of this show (airing May 19th on Fox)! I hope it lives up to the trailer. If it does, I will be anxiously awaiting the series debut in the fall!

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Michael said...

yeaa last spring's GLEE pilot was one of the best 1hour-hYbRiDgenre pilots in like, decades. and i say that as someone (ie any hetero-slacker male) who would rather pound my head with giant hammers than ever listen to a JOURNEY steve perry track in its original form. we're talking GIANT hammers here. and yeah i hate 30's/40's/50's showtunes too.

coincidentally enough: there was a rare 1-week slacker-band gig trip with the travel to(EST)/from(EST) spanning sept9-sept16. so my VCR timer had what else when i got back, a junk tape with the first 2 new episodes of GLEE on tape. (and a 16 mo old terrorcat waiting to get out after being locked inside for 8 days w/8 days food/water and a window to stare out of).

once today's 12 3/4 hours (four games/two of them overlapping, with the two Top 5 teams' games over early) of SEC Football (god's gift to human civilization, just ask anyone born in Arkansas/lousiana/florida/alabama/georgia/mississippi/kentucky/tennessee/Scarolina) are finally done, i think i will half-fill the unused (since yesterday) 64oz plastic 7-11 cup with pepsiOne/dietPepsi and fire up the FIRST TWO OFFICIAL EPISODES of Glee. i wunnder if they repeated the pilot, as Ep-1. they would have to i think? if the shows are a B+ or better, this is better than fuckin' christmas in july.

since i never had one ounce of love for HS Drama Club dorks, bandies, or poetry-girly teacher-asskissers (this is just the way math jocks rolled, and still roll), yourse truly falling in this show's viewer demographic is curious indeed. but since Swingtown never found an audience (albeit on a diff network), my only reponse to a Wed/9pm slot is HUH? (or it could just be code for "we'll cancel it by the time American Idol 2010 starts, no one will care"). dude you fucktards over at CW fucked me over last year counterprogramming REAPER in the Idol time slot, enough of this retardation.

Ed. note: i didn't recall but one rank-file commentator (ie non-magazine/paper) within 3 degrees getting excited about the pilot last spring, and my short-term memory gets bonus money for tracing it to here.

my Favorites dropdown has like 100+ lines (and therefore defies scanning of the last 70 to 80 lines), so i had to hack at Google a while to trace this page down...annd huhh that got balky because i kept keying one of the search words as "FAME" (not GLEE). i do not think this bodes well for this show's ratings.

this entry is ok-enough well written that it can be posted/copied into the half lucid/half-retarded TV BLOG (since 18 mo ago i think) that piles forever into one of NAR's old journal pages for my amusement only (along with informal writing practice at something i am completely unqualified to write about) (oh wait, MTV/VH1 reality shows = TOTALLY qualified). (the movie blog a couple journals away in NAR land is another matter).



-- metal mike/hayward

i dunno this "google account" shit (it has the "proper 'work name'" like a dumbshit driver's license picture); they made me/us start using lame-o Gmail/IM at the part time job in SF, laame = no "mikeinoakland" ID, NO credibility.