Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harajuku Lovers Back-To-School "Mad For Plaid" and "Kogal" Collections

It's never too early to start buying back-to-school stuff, especially if it's as lovely as these handbags from Harajuku Lovers! The "Mad For Plaid" and "Kogal" collections both have that wonderfully nostalgic back-to-school flavor which I so adore. Check 'em out!

The "Mad For Plaid" Collection

Mad for Plaid Button Bag - $84.00 @ Zappos.com

Mad for Plaid Precious Bag - $104.00 @ Zappos.com

Mad for Plaid Magic Bag - $124.00 @ Zappos.com

The "Kogal" Collection

Kogal Frosting Bag - $64.00 @ Zappos.com

Kogal Fluorescent Bag - $54.00 @ Zappos.com

Kogal Fan Bag - $74.00 @ Zappos.com

Kogal Candy Bag - $84.00 @ Zappos.com

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