Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yearbook by Melissa Davis

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Condition: Good
Seller's Comments: Small crease on front cover. Pages starting to yellow from age. See description for photo & more info. May 1987 edition.
Price: $1.00
Quantity: 1

Beauty, Weirdo, Rebel, Flirt. Who were they really?

Most Unlikely to Succeed

Heather, Ashely, Terry, Blaze. Their guidance counselor has come up with the worst punishment she can think of for their "failings." The four of them have to assign the tag lines underneath every senior's class picture, which is fine except for two things: It's the worst job in school, and the four of them can't stand each other.

But that's at the beginning. By the time they're done, all of their own labels have been stripped away: Heather turns out to be a troubled beauty; Ashley reveals the truth about her famous mother; Terry admits that his fliration is a cover-up, and Blaze can no longer hide the secret about his home life. To everyone's surprise, they've become friends. And to their own, they've become more than friends....

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