Sunday, May 06, 2012

The L.A. Complex

I am pleasantly surprised at how good the newest show on The CW, The L.A. Complex, is. I was expecting a Melrose Place rip-off type of show, but no. I was totally wrong. I just watched the first two episodes & it's safe to say I am already hooked. Yes, it does have some similarities to Melrose Place, such as the main characters are all attractive 20?somethings living in the same apartment complex ("The Lux" motel). But these characters are all focused on making it in the entertainment industry, which is a storyline I am always a sucker for. And I like that the characters are portrayed more realistically than in other similarly themed shows.  I know it hasn't been getting great ratings, so I am hoping good word-of-mouth will save it. It's totally worth it!

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