Friday, October 03, 2014

Name That Font! featuring JUNK GYPSY

I come across so many interesting looking fonts every day - on the web, on tv, in magazines, basically everywhere! Being the curious type, I like to investigate and figure out what typefaces are being used in the things I am seeing.

Today, I stumbled across the Junk Gypsy collection on the PBteen website. There are some cute items in the collection, but the main thing that caught my eye was the Junk Gypsy logo.

I needed to know font that comprises the "Junk Gypsy" part of the logo. After a quick visit to my favorite font ID site,, I discovered the font is a modified version of the Appleton font by Decade Typefoundry.

As you can see, the part in the middle of the characters that flares out has been removed and bottom of the "p" has been altered, making the logo look more streamlined and cleaner while retaining that boho retro vibe.

I do like Appleton in its original state too!

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