Friday, March 14, 2008

Skin Fusion

No, I ain't talking about some fancy shmancy cosmetic line even though I posted that picture above. I just didn't want a toilet picture on my blog! I'm talking about when your skin fuses to a piece of furniture, or in this case, a toilet seat, cause you haven't gotten up from it for years. Skin fusion stories fascinate me, and this one is no exception. Probably even more so, since it involves sitting on a TOILET for 2 years! I hope she flushed that thing once in a while...

From: The North County Gazette

Woman Hospitalized After Sitting On Toilet Two Years
Posted on Thursday, 13 of March , 2008 at 5:39 pm

WICHITA, KAN—Police and prosecutors in Ness County, Kansas are trying to decide if criminal charges are warranted against a man for allowing his girlfriend to stay in his bathroom for the past two years, sitting on the toilet.

According to Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple, police received a call on Feb. 27 from 36-year-old man at a house reportedly owned by Kory McFarren, saying there was something wrong with his girlfriend. When police arrived, they found a 35-year-old woman, identified as Pam Babcock, physically attached to the toilet seat.

Police said she wasn’t stuck to the toilet or glued there but rather the woman’s skin had grown around the toilet seat. They pried the toilet seat off with a prybar. Although she initially refused medical services, the woman was taken to a local hospital, with the toilet seat still attached. It was removed at the hospital, police said.

The boyfriend told police that he had gave his girlfriend food and water daily and repeatedly asked her to come out of the bathroom but she had refused. He told police that every time he asked her to leave, she would respond, “Maybe tomorrow”.

He told police that it was her choice to stay in the bathroom and that she had a phobia about leaving the bathroom. He acknowledged that he should have asked for help sooner but said that after a while, “you kind of get used to it”.

McFarren said the bathroom became like a safe haven for her.

She was reported in fair condition at the hospital but was refusing to cooperate with health care providers or law enforcement authorities.

God, that last line reminds me of my dad. Don't ask..........

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MysticGem said...

LOL.. This is the funniest thing I've read all day.. Thanks for posting this!