Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dylan's Candy Bar Re-Treat Bath & Body Products

These look SO yummy! I want them all! There are 4 different flavors to choose from: Coconut Bonbon, Strawberry Licorice, Birthday Cake Batter (shown), and Chocolate Cupcake.

Here's what you can get in those flavors!

From Dylan's Candy Bar:
Body Smoothie Lotion: It's time to shake things up and quench your skin's thirst with this light-weight hydrating lotion.

Candy Butter Cream: Who says you can't eat your cake and wear it too? This decadent topping is the icing on the cake for your skin.

Ice Cream Sugar Scrub: Had a rough day? Scrub the stress away and splurge on this calorie-free remedy!

Candy Lip Saver: A nutrient packed, mouth watering lip treatment. Lips should always be candy-luscious and sweet to kiss!

Soda Pop Shower Gel: Give your skin a sweet refreshing drink! Pop it open and energize your body with this invigorating cleanser.

Prices range from $8.00 - $22.00 @ Dylan's Candy Bar

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