Monday, September 28, 2009

King Of The Crown

King Of The Crown starts this Wednesday at 9/8c on TLC and it looks fabtastic! I am going to DVR this shiz, 'cause I'll be at the first ever official US Kylie Minogue Concert!!!!!!!!!!

From TLC:

King of The Crown features Cyrus Frakes and his staff at "Gowns and Crowns" as they navigate through the hilarious and heartwarming world of pageant coaching.

Every week Cyrus and his staff take a newbie client through a local pageant as well as showcase previous titleholders as they perfect their winning techniques. With over 24 years experience in the business, Cyrus is a genuine King of Queens. Cyrus has transformed even the ugliest of ducklings into award winning pageant stars. From Miss Teen to Miss World, Cyrus along with his Gowns and Crowns team has helped their clients win over 1,000 titles.

Cyrus is supported by a team who loves him as much as he loves pageants. There's Shane, the interview coach, who puts up with Cy's mood swings and technology deficiencies. There's Kyle, Cy's self-appointed coordinator, who has a flair for fashion along with a true passion for the beauty business. And finally, there's pageant instructor, Amanda, Cy's true story of a girl who started as a pumpkin and turned into Cinderella.

Premieres, Wednesday, Sept. 30 @ 9/8c.

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