Monday, October 19, 2009

Olivia Bettie Page T-Shirts

Olivia De Berardinis is one of my top 3 favorite pin-up artists of all time. Naturally, I am psyched that she now sells t-shirts online featuring her beautiful artwork of beautiful Bettie Page. I want them all!

Womens Devil Doll T-Shirt (in creme, light blue, or light pink) - $39.00 @

Womens Dancing Betties T-Shirt (in pink, turquoise, or white) - $39.00 @

Womens Rock-A-Bettie T-Shirt (in banana, pink, or white) - $39.00 @

Womens Squeeze Play T-Shirt (in blue w/light blue trim, green w/yellow trim, or pink w/white trim) - $39.00 @

Womens Tattoo Flash T-Shirt (in black, chocolate, or indigo) - $39.00 @

Womens Che Bettie T-Shirt (in creme, light pink, or olive) - $39.00 @

Mens Che Bettie T-Shirt (in black, brown, or charcoal) - $49.00 @

Mens Don't Tread On Me T-Shirt (in black, charcoal, or military green) - $49.00 @

Mens Special Edition Vamp Bettie - $49.00 @

Mens Tattoo Flash T-Shirt (in black, charcoal, or crimson) - $49.00 @

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