Saturday, October 10, 2009 Mobile for the iPhone

I am still awaiting the arrival of my iPhone from Colorware so I have not yet tried this app out. Even though the features look fairly simple, it does come from a company many own software from and best of all, you can't really beat free! Mobile @ iTunes

From USA Today:

Photoshop comes to the iPhone

Add Photoshop to the ever-growing collection of photo Apps for the iPhone.

Adobe, which makes Photoshop, introduced Mobile for iPhone Friday, a Photoshop Lite program to tweak and add effects to camera phone shots on the iPhone. It's not to be confused with its big brother Photoshop desktop application, which sells for $599.

The Photoshop iPhone app also lets users access photos stored on and view them on the iPhone, but Adobe has plenty of company with that feature. Online photo service Phanfare has offered this for over a year, and rival Smugmug touts a similar, third-party app called Blossom.

Effects offered by Photoshop include "sketch," to make pictures look like drawings and "soft focus," for a slight blur.
By Jefferson Graham

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