Thursday, December 20, 2007

Complete Fake Woman

I was at the grocery store last tonight, checking out the magazines, when something caught my eye. A painting of a barbie doll was on the cover of some magazine called "Complete Woman." Why is a doll on the cover, I thought to myself. She looked like she should be riding the airbrushed unicorn in the poster I have hanging in my bedroom, and various "cute" forest critters should be playing behind her underneath a rainbow. Was she real? Was she even a celebrity? And then I saw her name. "Ashlee Simpson." Wtf??? I don't think so. Someone overdid it on the retouching BIG TIME. I don't think they overairbrush this much in even Playboy! I'm all for airbrushing but this is ridiculous & I can't believe this was ok'd by a bunch of magazine peeps. Is this what it's come to? Is this going to become the norm? Wtf??????? Awful.

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