Sunday, December 02, 2007

Paper Dolls

I used to be obsessed with this tv movie and the ensuing tv show, both from the early 80s. I also owned the paperback book by Susan Beth Pfeffer with the girls from the tv movie version (Daryl Hannah! Alexandra Paul!) on the cover. Oh, how I stared at that book cover!!! I thought the girls looked so glamorous and grown-up, and I thought "Taryn" was the coolest name ever. I don't remember too much about either version of Paper Dolls, but I think I preferred the tv movie one a little bit more. I'll take either one on DVD though! There are only 3 tv movies/shows I want on DVD more: the incredible Lace starring Phoebe Cates (hmmm and why not Lace II while we're at it), the ABC Afterschool Specials episode of The Gymnast, and the best Mickey Mouse Club ever - the one from the 70s - The New Mickey Mouse Club. Come on Hollywood, put this shiznit out on DVD!!! ;)

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