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Jamie Lynn Spears: dad is “furious, depressed & devastated” over pregnancy
Thursday December 20th, 2007 at 4:18 pm by Heather

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears’ dad is said to be “furious” not that his 16 year old daughter is pregnant but because she chose to give a tell-all interview about it.

According to Us Weekly, Jamie Spears is “depressed” and “devastated” that Jamie Lynn and his wife Lynne Spears spoke to OK magazine about the pregnancy and declined to take part in the interview: “He put his foot down and refused to take any money and ‘profit off of his children’. [He] feels Jamie-Lynn ruined her life.”

But whether he would have got any money at all is debatable - the interview is said to have been carried out for free, but OK will pay them $1million for an exclusive photo shoot after the baby is born next year.

Lynne is said to have offered OK the interview after older daughter Britney broke down on a photo shoot for the magazine earlier in the year. A source claims Lynne called the magazine to thank them “for handling it so well” in their story about the shoot then went to them to break the news about Jamie Lynn: “She trusted them to do it in a way that would be sympathetic to her daughter.”

In related news, sources close to the family have dismissed Jamie Lynn’s claim that she’s 12 weeks into the pregnancy, with the baby due next June. A source told the National Enquirer that Jamie is between four and five months pregnant at the moment and due in the spring.

Life & Style Weekly added that when the time comes, Jamie Lynn will be looking to her own mum rather than the dad-to-be Casey Aldridge for support during labour.

A source told the magazine: “Jamie Lynn has asked her mom - and not Casey - to be in the delivery room with her.”

“He’s really got nothing to offer this baby. He’s a kid himself. They’re not dating now, they have no plans to get married.”

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