Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marilyn Monroe's House is for Sale

I am so fascinated by this! I would love to go and take a look at this house in person, not because she died here, but because she lived here. Plus it looks like a beautiful house. It definitely doesn't look as creepy and sad as it does in all those black & white photos following her passing. I hope whoever buys this house keeps the remodeling to a minimum. I've read that a previous owner did some serious upgrades to the house & things are not as they were when Marilyn owned it. Bummer. At least it hasn't been torn down and McMansioned yet!

There's been a flurry of articles online regarding the sale. Here are some good ones:

Curbed LA
The Real Estalker
Daily Mail
The Marilyn Monroe Collection

Here's the realtor's website. Great pictures & slideshow on here:

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